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General Service Medal (GSM) 1962 Clasp Northern Ireland to The Royal Marines - Harrison

Impressed naming on rim to Mne S. J. Harrison P039702P RM, original ribbon mounted for wear. In very good condition.


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WW1 Royal Naval Reserve ( RNR ) Decoration Minature Medal ( GV)

Instituted in 1908, this medal was awarded for 15 years commissioned service in the RNR ( sub-lieutenant and above), war service counted as double. A fine skeletal miniature medal of this award in unmarked silver and silver gilt, with original suspension ring and first pattern green ribbon. In very good condition and scarce.


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WW1 Northern Cyclists Battalion ( NCB ) (affiliated to the Northumberland Fusiliers ) Boxing Medallion Medal Fob

Circa 26mm in diameter. Clearly a bronze medallion style boxing prize which has been worn at the end of a watch chain, and with some pride as it has been polished and scratched.


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Queen Elizabeth IIís Silver Jubilee Medal, 1977 awarded to North East Coal Miner

Silver medal in mint condition in original box of issue, unnamed as issued but accompanied by its original bestowal certificate to Mr Michael Robson. Some minor wear to box but medal NEF condition and mounted for wear. This is also accompanied by an original letter from the North East Area National Coal Board to Mr M Robson, congratulating him on his award acknowledging his long mining industry service. Included with the medal is an original paper clipping from the "Shields Gazette" which stated that there were only 21 medals awarded in the Northumberland and Durham coalfield areas with 25 years service who were awarded the silver jubilee medal, and it confirmed that Mr Michael Robson, a stoneman at Bolden Colliery was to be one of these recipients.

The Royal Marine connection is a bit more tenuous, but the group was accompanied by a small yellow Royal Marines pocket booklet of 24 pages and dated Deal 1942 on the front cover. It seems to be aimed at Royal Marine Engineers. Michael Robson's name and address is included in the back over. A pencil entry in the front cover suggests M Robson was a "company commander." I cannot make any sense of this as the owner of the book is identified as 19650 J F Palmer. Worthy of follow up, but not my particular area of expertise.

Coincidently there was a top secret Home Guard 202 Bn GHQ Reserve Auxiliary Units Group No. 4 based out of Boldon Colliery. They had received Commando training and I wonder whether there is connection between this and Michael Robson too, or am I reading too much into this?

See the following link:


Mine workings were believed to have been used as hideouts by the 202 auxiliary patrols in the North East, including East Boldon Colliery.

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Unique WW1 1914 Memorial Plaque to Percy Ernest Rapson - 1st Battalion South Staffordshire Regiment - BEF Casualty - Died 30th October 1914

No 8402 Private Percy Ernest Rapson was a pre-war regular soldier serving with the 1st Battalion the South Staffordshire Regiment, which landed in France on the 14th October 1914. During the first battle of Ypres he was reported missing, and later as killed on the 30th October 1914. This is a unique casualty plaque to this name combination. He is commemorated on the Ypres ( Menin Gate ) memorial in Belgium. . Plaque in good condition except for a series of localised and deliberate scratches to the reverse. Sold with copy of GWGC certificate.

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1914 Star to Corps of Mechanical Transport, Army Service Corps ( ASC ) - Watson

1914 Star with full length original silk ribbon correctly impressed with an unusual prefix to the Star as follows "CMT - 1829 Pte A. Watson, A.S.C. A rare medal to an army which was still pretty much horse drawn. Medal GVF.

See Wilkinson Vol 1 page 136 for confirmation of unit. Scarce.


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Mercantile Marine Medal and Memorial Plaque to Simon Young - killed when S.S. Nyanza ( Glasgow ) was sunk by a German submarine in 1918

WW1 Pair to Simon Young ( SS Nyanza ) comprising:

a) Mercantile Marine War Medal, 1914-18 correctly impressed "Simon Young". Medal in NEF condition but ribbon while original is grubby.
b) Memorial Plaque (Simon Young), has been glued at sometime, possibly into a frame and has a dark stain line across the front and some thick glue and paper bits stuck to the reverse. Would probably clean up with a bit of effort. Condition Fine.

The SS Nyanza (4,053 gross tons) was sunk by a submarine, without warning, 14 miles N by NE from the Maiden, bound from Cardiff to Archangel with a cargo of coal on 29 September 1918. She was armed for defensive purposes. 13 were lost including the Master. Simon, an Able Seaman, was 56 and resided at 30 Edgerton, Canton, Cardiff. The National Archives on-line (BT 351/1) gives his place of birth as Queenstown and his year of birth as 1862. His wife was called Eliza Ann.

Will be provided with a copy of the CWGC certificate. e is commemorated on the Tower Hill Memorial, London.


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1914-15 Trio plus box and 1915 Gift Card to Lieut M.A.R. Kannemeyer, South African 20th Mounted Rifles (Bilingual Victory Medal)

WW1 Trio to an Officer in the South African auxiliary forces, 1915 -15 star impressed Lt. M.A.R. Kannemayer, 20th M.R., and the pair correctly impressed Lt. M.A.R. Kannemayer. In EF condition the BWM toned. Scarce South African issue bi-lingual Victory Medal. Ribbons original and full length. 1914- 15 Box top and bottom fractured at corners, with paper label to recipient 10/31 Lt. M.A.R. Kannemeyer, 20th M.R. Original 1915 gift card from the 1914 Queen Mary Gift Box, annotated to reverse with his initials. This latter item is in poor and perished condition but came with the medals.

Whilst the British version of the Victory medal was awarded to all other Dominion and Empire troops, the South African government issued their own bilingual version in both English and Afrikaans to South African military who had served in a theatre of operations between 5 August 1914 and 11 November 1918. The medal is quite rare, just 75,000 examples being awarded, only Thailand, Brazil and Cuba presented fewer.

During WW1 the 20th Mounted Rifles were a unit of the Mounted Corps of the Active Citizen Force and only saw action in the successful campaign in German South West Africa of 1914/15. 20th M.R. Graaff-Reinet Ruiters G.S.W.A. Mil.Dist.No.15 1st Portion of Regt at Upington Reserve about 10.3.15 to Upington.


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1st Pattern Silver War Badge ( SWB ) No 2889 - issued to a female Red Cross VAD in October 1916

The best striking I have ever seen and with a frosted silver finish. Original pin and stamped "2889 ".

Approximately 1,150,000 badges were issued, which had to be claimed and then approved. Between September 1916 and March 1918, they were issued with just a number and were better quality than most stampings. Around 335,000 of these were issued. This must certainly be one of the early stampings as it is of a far superior quality than any one I have handled before and has a frosted silver finish to it.

The SWB register entry for badge 2889 seems to support this. A copy of the entry will be supplied with the badge. It is also of great interest as this early issue to a female Red Cross VAD seems to counter the assertion that such personnel only became entitled to the issue of a SWB after 1919.

The entry confirms the award to a female Cook with the V.A.D. ( Glos / 84) named Erin Moes, who did not serve overseas and was discharged as sick and her badge was issued on the 25th October 1916. The additional notes seem to have been corrupted when the file was uploaded onto CD but seem to suggest she served as a military hospital cook until June 1915 before resigning on account of ill health.

An important SWB on many counts, an early issue of superb quality, to a female, and to a Voluntary Aid Detachment member in 1916 and not at the end of the series in 1919. The original roll entry may include the certificate referred to and also more clarity on the note added to the original file.

Comm FB

Sold to Luke

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WW1 - Silver Wound Badge - George Turner, 4th Battalion The Essex Regiment

Pte George Turner, initially enlisted the Herts Regiment prior the the outbreak of WW1 in March 1914, but was awarded his medal entitlement with the 4th ( Territorial Force ) Battalion the Essex Regiment. He was entitled to the BWM and Victory Medal (location unknown) and this Silver Wound Badge for honourable discharge, issued in March 1919 (aged 21 which means he signed up at 16). The CD version of the SWB register confirms that his badge was issued on 14th August 1919, that he served overseas and that he was discharged as surplus to military requirements having suffered impairment since entry into the service ( KR 392 (xvia)). Pin a contemporary replacement otherwise the silver is dark toned.

With PRO copy of SWB roll and MIC card.


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