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WW1 - Silver Wound / War Badge 513792 - William Joel, 4th Battalion (TF) The Northumberland Fusiliers

Pte William Joel, initially enlisted in the Northumberland Fusiliers on the 4th August 1914 almost immediately following the outbreak of war. His honourable discharge, which occurred on the grounds of no longer being fit for military service (para xvi) occurred on 29th May 1916, prior to any service overseas. The CD version of the SWB register confirms that his badge was issued on 4th January 1921. Sadly the pin is missing and the C clasp is squashed closed. The Silver is dark toned. Otherwise in good condition and easily repaired.

Supplied with the Kew PRO copy of War Office SWB roll.

Comm FB

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A C.Q.D. ( S.O.S.) Medal in Silver, as awarded to the crews of the White Star steamship Republic

A full size C.Q.D. Medal in Silver, as awarded to members of the Merchant Marine complete with original maroon ribbon and mounted for wear 'swing style'. unnamed as issued. Silver dark toned. In NEF condition.

The silver C.Q.D. medal was awarded to the crews of the White Star steamship Republic, the S.S. Florida and S.S. Baltic in saving the lives of the passengers of the stricken Republic in the Atlantic on 21st January 1909, this being the first time that a Marconi Operator had sent a distress signal using the CQD radio signal. The universal emergency CQD signal ‘C.Q. - all stations; D. - Distress’, colloquially known as ‘Come Quick Danger’ predated the use of the more familiar S.O.S.

The liner Baltic responded to the call. The Republic was the more seriously damaged vessel, but all of her passengers and crew were transferred, first to the Florida and then to the Baltic before she sank. The saloon passengers of the Baltic and the Republic subscribed to a fund to provide medals to the crews of all three ships in saving more than 1700 lives.

Four silver-gilt examples of this medal were presented to the Captains of the three ships involved and to Jack Binns, the Marconi operator aboard the Republic who sent the CQD radio signal. Binns became a hero when the survivors reached New York and was given a welcome parade. This was the first time that radio was used to effect a rescue at sea. Silver medals, of which this is one, with ring suspenders were presented to the other ships' officers and their crews.

The White Star liner RMS Republic, known as the ‘Millionaires Ship’ on account of the wealth of its clientele, had set sail for Genoa and Alexandria from New York with a reported 461 passengers and a crew of roughly 300 under the command of Captain Sealby. In dense fog in the early hours 21 January, RMS Republic collided with the steamship Florida off the coast near Martha’s Vineyard, which was itself carrying some 800 Italian immigrants heading towards New York from Naples. After a heavy collision, it was clear the Republic was going to sink, Captain Sealby took charge of the abandonment of the ship, and the telegrapher Jack Binns sent out the internationally recognised distress signal via his new Marconi wireless set -
He maintained this signal for 14 hours while the passengers were evacuated onto the Florida. Help came before long as other ships came to take the passengers and crew onto their vessels, and the ailing Republic was taken in tow by tugs but soon after sank, with rumours of a huge shipment of gold aboard.

The ramifications of this incident were huge, in that there had been a swift response and remarkably low loss of life, only four seaman and two 1st class passengers died, with two further injured. Furthermore, wireless distress signals were made mandatory worldwide, with ‘C.Q.D.’ eventually being replaced by ‘S.O.S.’. Tragically, this caused a level of over-confidence in a ship’s ability to be saved through modern technology, and levels of life-boats began to be reduced - a terrible error that would indirectly seal the fate of the Republic’s sister ship the RMS Titanic, as the White Star Line owners wrongly assumed that any larger liner would take several hours to sink and new fangled radio would obtain help quickly within the well used shipping lanes and life boats would only be required to effect the transfer of passengers and crew. As a result the number of lifeboats on the Titanic was inadequate to support the number of people on board.

Coincidentally Jack Binns was offered the post of wireless officer on board the new Titanic but declined.


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WW1 1914-15 Trio Casualty Group to Royal Naval Reserve Telegraphist - Edwards

A Great War Royal Naval Casualty Trio HM Yacht Conqueror II Killed on 26th September 1916, 1914-15 star “WTS 213 H E EDWARDS W.T.O R.N.R”, British War and Victory medals “213WTS H E EDWARDS WTO RNR”. Medals remain in good condition with original full length ribbons, medals correctly impressed.

HM Yacht Conqueror II was torpedoed and sunk by the German Submarine U-52 north-west of Fair Isle. 17 people were lost when the ship was sunk. Conqueror II was assisting HM Trawler Sarah Alice, who was also torpedoed by the same U-Boat, when she was hit and sunk. They were both investigating an unidentified Merchant Steamer, which turned out to be the 2,788 ton St Gothard.

Wireless Telegraph Operator Harry Ernest Edwards, RNR is commemorated on the Chatham memorial and was the son of Mr W. Edwards of 25 Barcombe Ave, Streatham Hill, London. He was aged 25 at the time of his death. A copy of the CWGC certificate will be supplied. See the following url 's for more information:




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Anglo - Boere Oorlog Medal 1899 - 1902, to a Boer Burger, third pattern of issue

This is the third pattern of this medal (as issued from February 1942 - to date) with correct ribbon, which is correctly impressed to:

Burger J.A. Van Der Linde

There are three men listed on the roll with this rank and name.

The Medal disc is VF condition, but as been fitted with a with second pattern suspender, probably as a later replacement, as it is a bit slack and there are marks on one side which suggest the previous suspender has been removed. Condition reflected in the price. Still a scarce medal to the irregular Dutch farmers who gave the British Empire a good run for its money!


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WW1 Silver Wound Badge ( SWB ) Number B64496 - 7th ( Territorial Force ) Northumberland Fusiliers - Pte George Jennings

Has its original pin and clasp. Good condition. Stamped B64496.

Copy of MIC and SWB roll page for Jenning (sic) (included), shows he was 292647 Pte G. Jenning, 75th Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers T.F., enlisted 10 December 1915 and discharged in December 1918 aged 24 on account of the amputation Right Thigh. MIC confirms originally 7th Battalion as 7/7059. Note two different spellings of surname. Entitled to BWM and VM.

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WW1 Silver Wound Badge ( SWB ) Number B211530 - 5th Bedford Regiment - Corporal Cyril Course
Has had a replacement pin fitted, original C clasp. Good condition. Stamped B211530.

Copy of SWB roll page for Course (included), shows he was 201150 Cpl Cyril Course, enlisted 25 January 1915, discharged 27 May 1919 aged 31 under para xvi.


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WW1 Silver Wound Badge ( SWB ) Number 435468 - Rifleman Robert Down, 9th London Regiment

Has been lacquered. Has its original pin and clasp. Good condition. Stamped 435468.

Copy of SWB roll page for Down (included), shows he was 391828, enlisted 2 June 1915 and was discharged on 9th August 1918 aged 22 from wounds.


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WW1 Mercantile Marine War Medal to Frederick William Maurice Simpson

Missing its ribbon but otherwise in GVF+ condition and correctly impressed to Frederick W.M. Simpson. Records online confirm his middle names, his birth place as Liverpool and year of birth as 1876. See http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/r/D8093541

Also he appears to have married overseas in Portugal between 1916 and 1920, search: http://www.genesreunited.co.uk


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General Service Medal (GSM) 1962 Clasp Northern Ireland to The Royal Marines - Harrison

Impressed naming on rim to Mne S. J. Harrison P039702P RM, original ribbon mounted for wear. In very good condition.


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WW1 Royal Naval Reserve ( RNR ) Decoration Minature Medal ( GV)

Instituted in 1908, this medal was awarded for 15 years commissioned service in the RNR ( sub-lieutenant and above), war service counted as double. A fine skeletal miniature medal of this award in unmarked silver and silver gilt, with original suspension ring and first pattern green ribbon. In very good condition and scarce.


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