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The 10th Royal Hussars ( Prince of Wales's Own ) Officer's OSD Bronze Cap Badge

A nicely die cast dark bronze cap badge with two long original loops to the reverse for wear in the cap. In very good condition (the final photo shows the length of the lugs against a typical OSD collar badge)


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13 / 18th Hussars Officer 's Bullion Beret Badge, QEII issue

An unworn example with bright colours and bullion. In very good condition.


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5th Royal Inniskilling Dragoon Guards ( VDG) Officer's Bullion Forage Cap Badge - QEII issue

A private purchase bullion beret badge in superb condition.


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Rare WW1 The Household Battalion Officer's OSD Bronze Cap Badge - Blades Firmin Tablet

WW1 War Raised Unit - Reservists from The Household Cavalry, c.1916 - 1918

A large bronze die cast oval badge with two original blades and maker's table Firmin London to the reverse. Circa 5.7cm tall. In excellent condition. Rare.

Strictly not a cavalry regiment, The Household Battalion was raised as an infantry battalion in September 1916 from reservists of the Household Cavalry ( 1st and 2nd Life Guards and Royal Horse Guards ) and served on the Western Front as part of the 4th Division.

K&K, Vol 1, No 733 refers.


Code: 58998Price: 250.00 GBP

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Rare Victorian 18th Hussars Officer's Silver Plated and Gilt Cap Badge, not in K&K

This is an exceptionally rare officer's cap badge, worn 1898-1902 only, circa 43mm tall and 38mm wide with two original dark toned loops to the reverse. Of two part riveted construction with applied silver plated 18H to a solid centre. Battle honours Peninsula and Waterloo. Some slight tarnishing to laurel wreath on one point on left had side otherwise in very good condition. This pattern not listed in K&K.


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WW1 2nd Dragoon Guards (Queen's Bays) Officer's Small Pattern OSD Cap Badge, Blades, J&Co

An officer's small sized OSD die cast bronze cap badge with two original long blades to the reverse (unbent). Maker's mark J&Co ( Jennens & Co ) stamped in reverse of crown dates this to 1902 - 1924. Circa 3.4cm tall, similar to collar badge size. Most probably for wear in the Field Service Cap. In superb condition with good colour and rare.

K&K Vol 1 No 737 refers.


Code: 58856Price: 135.00 GBP

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12th Lancers ( Prince of Wales's Royal ) Officer's Full Dress Gilt and Silver Plated Cap Badge and Matching Collar Badges Set

A stunning set of badges, officer quality and with all lugs and lance pennons intact. Circa 1901 - 1952. Some tarnish to silver plate for an early quality set of badges.


Code: 58818Price: 145.00 GBP

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11th Hussars ( Prince Albert's Own ) Officer's OSD Bronzed Cap Badge ( Blades) and Collar Set

A well matched set with original fixings. In very good condition. Circa 1898 - 1969.

C13.2 / 16

Collars only Reserved for PG (B4)

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Queen 's Dragoon Guards Officer's Padded Bullion Beret Badge

In unissued condition, a quality padded gold and silver bullion example on a black background. These were officers private purchase items.


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4th ( Royal Irish ) Dragoon Guards Officer's Bronze OSD Cap Badge

A superb quality officer' s two piece construction bronze OSD service dress cap badge with two original blades and makers details for Gaunt London on a tablet to the reverse. The Star of the Order of St. Patrick with voided centre backed with green felt material above a title scroll: 4th.Royal Irish D. Guards. A cracker in excellent condition.


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