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Abyssinia Medal to 10th Company Royal Engineers - Later KIA at Maiwand!

Correctly embossed in relief naming on the reverse to

" 8692. Sapper J. Ashman. Royal ENG..rs"

In GVF condition with a few minor edge nibbles. Suspender neatly repaired as is often found with this medal. Ribbon sun faded, not a modern replacement.

The medal roll for the Abyssinia Medal held in the Royal Engineer Museum at Chatham (copy will be provided) confirms he was entitled to this medal, as named and that he was killed at Maiwand. He is also noted as "M with C" which the curator informed me at the time of my visit as meaning "Married with Children".

The 10th Company Royal Engineers provided invaluable services during the advance on Magdala including the first photographic unit. The main duty of the photographic unit was to photograph route sketches, print these and mount these on linen. Over 15,000 prints were made for distribution to the advancing army. Pictorial photography was purely incidental (Holland & Hozier).

J. Ashman was killed in action at Maiwand on 27th July 1880 attached from the RE as 1st Corporal in No 2 Company of the Bombay Sappers & Miners. A half company were present at Maiwand under the command of Lieutenant Henn, 25 were killed from a total of 46.

Lieutenant Thomas Henn had earlier been wounded in the arm, but was killed by a headshot during the defence of a walled garden in Khig. His two European NCOs, Sgt Heaphy and Cpl Ashman, and 14 of his Indian soldiers fell around his body (see http://www.victorianwars.com/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=10218&p=55054&hilit=ashman#p55054).

The Sappers with the Horse Artillery were the last units on the field to disengage when General Burrowes finally ordered a general retirement on Kandahar, losing almost 1,000 men killed of the 2,565 present.

See also the following URL:


The London Gazette confirms 8692 1st Corporal J. Ashman R.E. KIA with No 2 Company Bombay Sappers and Miners (with the others from this unit who lost their lives (LG Nov 19, 1880 p5811) - copy of this will be provided.

Sold with research confirming the above.


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43rd. & 52nd. - Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry Senior Bandmaster's Cap Badge - Hallmarked Silver 1949

A Rare die struck hallmarked silver cap badge with two original loops to the reverse worn by the Senior Bandmaster for the Regiment. Cannot be many of these around! The design incorporates the Regiment's old pre 1881 " Foot " numbers, " 43 & 52 " to the centre of a strung and engraved bugle horn bearing London hallmarks for 1949 (date letter "o") to the mouth of the bugle.


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King's Own Malta Regiment of Militia Bi- Metal Cap Badge - Long slider

A die struck two part construction cap badge with long slider (possibly for wear in the pagri of the sun helmet). In very good condition with sharp detail. Worn 1903 - 1921.

Renfrew et al Vol 1 No 1364 refers.


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KOMRM - King's Own Malta Regiment of Militia Pair of matched brass shoulder titles

A matched pair, service wear as polished with two original hexagonal lugs to the reverse. Worn 1903 - 1921.

Renfrew et al Vol 1 No 1374 refers.


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WW2 - Two printed Malta related cloth items

Above: a printed example of the yellow / blue maltese cross outlined in red on a black square. As worn by 50 Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment Royal Artillery and also Malta Heavy Anti-Aircraft Defences. Scarce.

Below: a printed black on khaki "Malta ". In ragged condition having been cut from khaki drill. Rare. Not listed in Renfrew Vol 1 or 2.

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53rd (Welsh) Infantry Division / Womens Royal Army Corps (WRAC) Combination

An unusual combination as worn by a W.R.A.C sergeant. White on Beech Brown embroidered shoulder title above the red on khaki embroidered " W " of 53rd Infantry Division above sergeants chevrons all still affixed to the top part of a khaki blouse sleeve. Cold War item. One small hole in centre of blouse material which is visible when held up to the light


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Royal Military College (RMC) Sandhurst Gold Bullion Instructional Staff Peaked Cap Badge

Scarce 1896 pattern comprising the letters "RMC" in gold bullion wire embroidered on paper black backing (some now missing) . Some light edge wear otherwise in very good condition.

K&K Vol 1 No 1071 refers (but depicted as the metal version).


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WW1 Double Bullion on Khaki Wound Stripe

The award of a wound stripe to a soldier was introduced in July 1916 it entitled the man to wear a two inch Russian gold bullion braid sewn to the left sleeve of a jacket, as this proved very hard to keep clean and shiny solid brass stripes replaced them, this indicates that this example is from early on in the Great War, a double stripe indicates being wounded on two occasions. This one comes in very good condition, never used and measures 5cm long.


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The London Rifle Brigade ( LRB) Shooting Prize Meeting 1930 Bronze Medallion

An attractive prize medal in bronze, the obverse shows a volunteer of 1859 era and the motto "Defence not Defiance" and the reverse The London Rifle Brigade in a scroll with the date of embodiment 1859. The edge has been neatly engraved in upright capitals "L.R.B. Prize Meeting 1930". No doubt won as a shooting prize. Circa 33mm in diameter, with a milled border. In very good condition.


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4th Royal Irish Dragoon Guards Officers Large Pattern Gilt Button, pre 1904

A scarce Victorian / Edwardian officers button circa 25mm in diameter, shank present and maker marked Stillwell & Son, London. Some minor staining to gilt at 2 o'clock and to the reverse otherwise in very good condition.

This pattern worn 1855 - 1904.

Ripley No 24 refers.


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