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WW2 Home Front - Churchill 's V For Victory Morse Code Patriotic Enamel Lapel Badge

A scarce original wartime gilded brass rectangular shape badge inlaid with blue enamel, depicting a 'V for Victory' and international Morse code calling sign 'dot dot dash', the reverse impressed in relief "Pat Appd". Very good condition, retaining original buttonhole fitting, enamel perfect. Circa 21cm wide and 1.9cm tall.


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WW2 Home Front - Iconic Sir Winston Churchill Silver Marked Patriotic Lapel Pin Badge

One of the best looking such badges I have come across. A silver patriotic lapel badge with replaced brooch pin fitting "925" and "T & S Silver " stamps to the reverse. A well detailed head and shoulders profile of Prime Minister Churchill smoking a large cigar. Very Slight damage to lower edge. Scarce.


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HM Coastguard - Coast Life Saving Corps Brass and Enamel Lapel Badge

Circa 32mm in diameter, enamel quite scratched but intact. King's crown and maker marked JR Gaunt London. Pre 1952.


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WW2 German Occupation of the Channel Islands - Copper Token - Revenue Paid for Permission to Grow 150 Tobacco Plants - St Helier

A rare copper token (95 out of 100 in the numismatic scarcity table, where 0 equals common) issued by the States Department of Essential Commodities of St Helier (Jersey, The Channel Islands) which gave the owner permission to grow 150 tobacco plants. A small T has been voided through it, presumably to make it official. Blank reverse. Circa 3.5cm square with rounded edges.

See the following URL for more information on this wartime formed Channel Island Department:


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WW2 original Pocket Notes on Identification of German Units July 1940 - Stamped 51st Training Regiment ( Light Tanks ) R.A.C. Orderly 19th September 1940

A fascinating little booklet published at the time our of darkest hour and when invasion was feared as imminent. Stapled card cover, giving pertinent information on how to spot Jerry! 7 pages with great details especially on German vehicle markings and even the German Identity disk. Which as one would expect was far superior and practical than our own issue!

There were a number of training battalions of the Royal Armoured Corps training battalions located in rural / moorland areas of the North East of England during WW2. The 51st Regiment was based in the Barnard Castle Area. The BBC URL below contains the reminiscences of one such recruit:


… (we) were told to report to the 51st Training Regt. At Staindrop Camp, Barnard Castle, Yorkshire and we would be joining the Royal Armoured Corps, this was the one section of the Army I was hoping to get in...
‘Arriving at the 51st RAC Training Camp we were issued with new uniforms, badges etc., before being formed into our respective troops and barrack rooms and given instructions for the following day. Reveille would be at 6.30 a.m. and breakfast at 7.00 – 7.30 a.m. after which it was on parade for PT on the tank park which was just across the road from the main entrance. This would last for about three-quarters of an hour after which it was a shower and a chance into denim overalls for the day’s instructions which would consist of engine maintenance. The classrooms were superb with cut away engines from the little Austin Seven to a Rolls Royce and the instructors were first class. Every other day we would go out in either a Hillman or Austin pick up each with a crew of two, one driving whilst the other would be in touch with HQ at Staindrop, who would give us map instructions as to where our next point of call would be, thus we got driving, map reading and wireless communication all in one. At lunch time we would change over so that we all got the same chance on the subjects and in doing so went all over Yorkshire returning to camp late afternoon. We would then get a wash and scrub up before going to the mess for tea, after which it could be Guard Duty or evening off at the NAAFI.’

Of County Durham interest.


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WW2 Czechoslovakia Forces in UK Other Ranks Cap Badge

WW2 Czechoslovakia Forces in UK Cap Badge

A brass alloy cap badge with one of two fixings present. Otherwise in very good condition.


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WW2 Czechoslovak Artillery in England 1942 White Metal Breast Badge

Die-stamped silvered bronze, circa 28mm wide x 35 mm tall, vertical pinback and C clasp, pin bent but still functional, very minor silvering wear, in very good condition. There are named Miller varieties for 1940, but the 1942 versions are not found named.


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WW2 Czechoslovakia Forces in UK Cap Badge

A brass alloy cap badge with original blade fixings (cut short). Otherwise in very good condition.


Reserved for Roman

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WW2 Home Front - York City Enamel Crest Mounted on a Gilding Metal Spitfire Fighter Pin Badge Booch

An attractive and unusual find, with the enamel crest added. In good condition with original pin but C clasp is bent otherwise in good condition with some small scratches to enamel, but enamel intact. Wing span circa 4cm.

A scarce original wartime example for the "City of York", sold to raise funds to buy Royal Air Force fighter plane during Second World War.


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Matched Pair of WW2 Northumberland Home Guard ( HG ) Printed Cloth Designation Flashes

Removed from uniform and therefore worn condition. Would have been worn with separate numbers above. Scarce.

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