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WW2 ROF 9 ( Leeds ) Royal Ordnance Factory Enamelled and Brass Lapel Badge

Not come across an enameled version before. Black enamel. Original horseshoe fitting. Maker marked T.L.M. Ltd, B'ham ( Miller's of Birmingham) and stamped 459. Horseshoe slightly bent over. One spot near to the 9 where the enamel has not taken, otherwise in good condition. Circa 3.1cm in diameter.

ROF No 9 has been identified as Leeds where they made guns. See Jon Mills "Doing Their Bit" , p56.

Comm FB

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WW2 Home Front Hallmarked Silver Officer 's Royal ( Regular ) Army Reserve Mufti Buttonhole Badge

King's Crown pattern, with silver hallmarks finishing in letter "0" ( 1938). Maker marked. Dark toned, very good condition. Circa 2.7cm tall.


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WW2 Home Front - British Red Cross Society & Order of St John Penny A Week Fund Badge - enamel

A small gilt and enamel fund raising badge for the joint war organisation during the Second World War. Very good condition, original pin fittings, no damage to the enamel. No orb to crown, but looks like it has been made like this.
Circa 2cm tall.


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WW2 Home Front - British Red Cross Society & Order of St John Penny A Week Fund Badge - white metal

White metal fund raising badge for the joint war organization during the Second World War. Good condition, original pin fittings. 20mm tall.


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WW2 Home Front - Red Cross Flag Pin Brooch dated 1944

An intriguing WW2 Red Cross Flag Badge dated 1944 with blue translucent enamel background on gilt. It has a £1 symbol embossed on the reverse. £1 in 1940 is probably equal to about £80 today, so if it reflected the value of the contribution made by the wearer, it is a fairly scarce item.

It is in very good condition albeit a small item being only circa 1.8cm wide. Original pin and clasp, fully functional.


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Home Front - Scottish Red Cross War Worker Pin Badge Brooch

Brass and enamel, brooch type badge for a war worker of the Scottish Branch of the Red Cross Society. The style of badge suggests use by a female worker.

In good overall condition with slight grazing to white enamel but complete. Maker's details embossed on the reverse, Alex Scott Ltd, Glasgow.

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WW2 Home Front National Hospital Service Reserve Pin Badge

Brass with red and green enamel. Original pin and clasp fitting. In good condition, with traces of polish. Pin prick gap in enamel to bottom left of crown strap.


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WW2 Home Front - British Red Cross Society & Order of St John Central Hospital Supply Service Badge

A white metal (possibly silver plate) and enamel badge, the reverse with maker's details "J.R.Gaunt London". Good condition, original pin fittings, no cracks to the enamel. Height 21mm.

Worn during the Second World War by members working to produce essential medical supplies at the hospital supply depots.

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WW2 Hone Front - USA Amercian Fund Raising - Bundles For Britain Pin Badge Brooch

An official and attractive and large pin badge issued by the B.W.R.S. ( British War Relief Society ) and the USA's B.B.( Bundles for Britain organization ) Reverse marked Accessocraft with U.S. Patent No. 123071. It is circa 1 5/8 inches by 1 3/4 inches Original long pin and safety roll locker function as intended. Minor wear to finish but an a well made piece and in good condition.

The "Bundles for Britain" organization, was founded by Natalie Wales Latham. She started it in 1940 as a knitting circle in a store front in New York City. Knitted goods—socks, gloves, hats, sweaters, and scarves—were made and shipped to Britain. Within Sixteen months, Latham expanded Bundles into an organization with 975 branches and almost a million contributors, and by the spring of 1941, it had delivered 40,000 sleeveless sweaters, 10,000 sweaters with sleeves, 30,000 scarves, 18,000 pairs of sea-boot stockings, 50,000 pairs of socks, and 8,000 caps. By 1941, moreover, Bundles had also shipped ambulances, surgical instruments, medicines, cots, blankets, field-kitchen units, and operating tables, along with used clothing of all sorts. The total value of goods shipped reached $1,500,000; another $1,000,000 was raised in cash.

Mrs Latham was highly recognized for this wartime effort, being invested by the Queen of England as an honorary Commander, Order of the British Empire, the first non-British subject to receive this honour. She became well known in all circles and may have even served as inspiration for the Cary Grant movie Mr. Lucky (film).

See the following Pathe film reel clip by copying and pasting this url:


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Home Guard Old Comrades Association Silver Plated Spoon - believed to be 42 (County of London) Battalion

Home Guard OCA silver plated (EPNS marked) spoon a bit tarnished in need of a polish. Enamel in good condition.

Believed to be part of the South-West Sub-District, London Passenger Transport Board ( LPTB ) Home Guard, which was comprised of the following units:

No.1 Battalion 41st County of London (Ilford), No.2 Battalion 42nd County of London (East Sheen), No.3 Battalion 43rd County of London (Chiswick), No.4 Battalion 44th County of London (Camberwell), No.5 Battalion 45th County of London (Isleworth), No.6 Battalion 46th County of London (Finchley), No.7 Battalion 60th County of London (Willesden).

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