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Rare Victorian Hong Kong Regiment Bi Metal Shoulder Title

A rare bi - metal shoulder title, with the letters in brass"HKR" on a crescent shaped white metal backing. Circa 4.9cm wide. Worn only from 1892-1902.

The regiment was made up of Indian Punjabi Moslem soldiers with British officers and formed in 1982 as par of hte garrison of Hong Kong. It was listed as a British Army rather than Indian Army formation and had no formal ties with the latter. Members of the regiment were involved in quelling the Boxer Rebellion of 1900. The success of the regiment led to jealousy on the part of the Indian Military and sadly the regiment was disbanded in 1902 on the promise that the Indian Army would make units available to garrison the Far East.

Renfrew et al, Vol1 No 951 refers.


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Scarce WW2 Tripolitania Police Cap Badge, 1943 - 1949

A large cast cap badge with original slider to the reverse. In good condition and with some age to it.

What is now Libya ( created November 1949, full independence in 1951), after the Allied conquest of North Africa in 1943 (Libya had been occupied by the Italians prior to this), the province of Tripolitania was placed provisionally by the UN under British Rule and remained under British control for about 5 years. A number of British police officers with experience in Palestine were sent to Tripolitania from 1943 until 1950. The rank and file were mainly Arab and Jewish in origin.

Renfrew et al Vol 2 No 1939 refers.


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West Indies - St Kitts Nevis Defence Force Embroidered White on Red Felt Shoulder Title

In very good condition with hessian backing. No moth or other damage and colours bright. Circa 5.3cm wide and 4cm tall. This pattern was worn pre 1939. Scarce.

The St Kitts - Nevis Defence Force was formed in 1913, which numbered only 80 strong by 1925.

Renfrew et al, Vol 1 No 229 refers.


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Royal Malta Artillery Collar Badge / Malta Home Guard Cap Badge

An ornate Maltese cross with two dark toned loops to the reverse. Circa 3.5cm across. Renfrew et al in Volume 1 " British Colonial Badges " states this was the collar badge of the Royal Malta Artillery. However, in an article in M.H.S. Bulletin no.269 August 2017 by Dennis Darmanian (photo on p18) he claims this as an alternate badge as worn by the Malta Home Guard.

The Malta Volunteer Defence Force did not wear any particular uniform but civilian dress, mainly their normal daily attire. They were issued a ‘Brodie’ steel helmet, and recognised by an armband with the letter ‘V’. The authorities wished for the men to be dressed in overalls as in the United Kingdom, but at a later date they were issued with dark khaki denim battle fatigues and not all units wore armbands. This uniform was found better suited than the thick serge battledress, especially in hot weather. They also wore the standard issue khaki barathea field service cap, with a distinctive Maltese Cross badge (but there were several types of which this was one).


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Pacific Islands Regiment ( PIR ) Brass Shoulder Title, 1953 - 1975

In good condition with two original lugs to the reverse. Circa 3.3cm wide and 1.3cm tall. Britain's possessions in the South Pacific were amongst the smallest imperial holdings. Scarce.

Renfrew et al, Vol 1, No 1202 refers.

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Gibraltar Regiment Brass Shoulder Title

One piece with two original square lugs to the reverse. Good straight condition. Circa 5.2cm wide and 3cm tall.

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King 's Own Malta Regiment ( KOMR ) Brass Shoulder Title

Scarce shoulder title, worn circa 1931 - 1970. Two original square lugs.

Renfew et al, Vol 1 No 1375 refers.


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SRE ( V) Singapore Royal Engineer ( Volunteers ) Brass Shoulder Title

Scarce title with two original lugs to the reverse. Circa 5.2cm wide and 1.3cm tall. Slight twisting to one lug otherwise in very good condition. Worn circa 1902 - 1922.

Renfrew et al, Vol 1, No 750 refers.

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BH2 2nd Battalion British Honduras Regiment White Metal Shoulder Title - Scarce

Small white metal shoulder title with two original lugs to the reverse. Circa 2.7cm wide and 1.1cm tall. In good condition, with minor twisting to lugs.

British Honduras, now known as Belize since 1964. This item is not listed in either Renfrew et al, Vols 1 or 2. One for Vol 3 perhaps!

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Scarce Transjordan Frontier Force Brass Shoulder Title - Dowler

Two original lugs and stamped Dowler Birmingham to the reverse. Circa 4.4cm wide and 1.3cm tall. In very good condition. Worn circa 1926 - 1948 only.

Trans Jordan was a British created state post WW1 from the remnants of the Ottoman Empire. The Frontier Force was created in 1926 as a ground unit when the RAF took responsibility for the defence of the territory. Many of its members came originally from the Palestine Gendarmerie / Police. It was disbanded in 1948.

Renfrew et al, Vol 2 No 2285 refers.

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