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The British West Indies Regiment Brass Cap Badge, Maker's Tablet - Gaunt

A brass cap badge to the British West Indies Regiment with 2 original loops to the reverse & maker' s tablet JR Gaunt London to the back of the crown. Worn circa 1915 - 1921.

Renfrew et al, Vol 1. No 38 refers.


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Malay States Volunteer Rifles ( MSVR ) White Metal Glengarry / Cap Badge

A scarce white metal die struck cap badge with original slider to the reverse. Worn 1902 - 1920. Circa 4.9cm tall.

Renfrew et al, Vol 1, No 754 refers.


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MSVR Malay States Volunteer Rifles Brass Shoulder Title, worn circa 1902 - 1921

Brass shoulder title with two original lugs to the reverse. Very good condition. Scarce.

Renfrew et al, Vol 1, No 757 refers.


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61st Prince of Wales 's Own Pioneers Officer 's Bi Metal Pagri Badge, 1906 - 1910 only, Gaunt

A large and attractive bi-metal pagri badge to the 61st Prince of Wales 's Own Pioneers, 1906 - 1910 only, JR Gaunt & Sons Ltd, London stamped in a crescent to the reverse. Original clasp and pin fitting (point of pin dulled to a flat point), and with two braising / sweat holes behind the pin fitting. In very good condition and with sharp detail. Circa 5.9cm tall and 6.3cm wide. Scarce.

Prior to from 1903 to 1906, the unit was known as the 61st Madras Pioneers. Post accession of King George V in 1911, as the 61st King George's Own Pioneers.

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West African Regiment Bronzed Brass Other Rank 's Cap Badge

In very good condition with no wear to bronze finish and with original slider. Circa 3.5cm tall. Worn circa 1896 - 1928.

The West African Regiment ( WAR ) was based in Sierra Leone and raised by the War Office in 1896 to defend the port. It was separate from the West African Frontier Force which came under the control of the Colonial Office. It saw service in a number of local campaigns in WW1 and was disbanded in 1928.


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GCR / RWAFF Gold Coast Regiment, Royal West African Frontier Force Matched Pair of post 1928 shoulder titles - Dowler

A great matched post 1928 pair with two original lugs to each and each stamped with the maker's details "Wm. Dowler & Sons".

Renfrew et al, Vol 1, No 308 refers.

Comm FB

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Rare Federation of Malaya Engineers Brass Cap Badge

Brass metal with two original loops to the reverse. Slight truncation to one of the sword tips at top of badge otherwise in very good condition. Circa 1953 - 1957 only. Circa 4.2cm tall. Not listed in either Renfrew et al, Volume 1 or 2. Rare,

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Federation of Malay States Volunteer Force ( F.M.S.V.F ) light Artillery Battery Brass Cap Badge

Die struck brass large pattern cap badge with two original loops to the reverse. the FMSVF Light Battery existed from 1929 until 1942. Scarce.

The Federated Malay States were ruled by Sultans, but each had a British Resident to whom they were accountable.The Federated Malay States consisted of Perak, Selangor, Negri Sembilan and Pahang. Volunteers from these States were also organised as follows:

Perak - 1st Battalion F.M.S.V.F.
Selangor - 2nd Battalion F.M.S.V.F.
Negri Sembilan - 3rd Battalion F.M.S.V.F.
Pahang - 4th Battalion F.M.S.V.F.

Support troops consisted of an F.M.S.V.F. Signals Battalion, F.M.S.V.F.Light (Artillery) Battery, F.M.S.V.F. Reserve Motor Transport Company and F.M.S.V.F. Field Ambulance units.

In total the Federated Malay States Volunteer Force numbered about 5,200 men.

Renfrew et al, Vol 1, No 771 refers.


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Colonial Southern Sudan - Mongalla Province District Bi-metal Cap Badge

With original pin fitting, fully functional, a quality two part construction badge of unmarked silver and applied brass (most probably originally gilt) scroll. A lovely design. Circa 5.3cm wide and 2.2cm tall. As worn by a colonial administrator / police officer in this remote Sudanese district. Scarce.

Renfrew et al, Vol No 1, No 1306 refers.


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Indian Army Auxiliary Forces - Lucknow Volunteer Rifles Bronze Cap Badge

A good bronzed die struck cap badge, most likely English made, with two original lugs to the reverse. Circa 4.5cm tall. The residency at Lucknow depicted post the gallant defence undertaken during the Indian Mutiny in 1857. A badge that tells its own story! In good condition with sharp detail. Scarce.

Formed as the Oudh Volunteer Rifle Corps on 10 August 1865. Reorganised as the Lucknow Volunteer Rifle Corps on 10 January 1872. Became the Oudh Volunteer Rifle Corps on 6 June 1884 and again the Lucknow Volunteer Rifles on 24 July 1903. Reconstituted as 5th (Lucknow) Group Garrison Artillery on 1st April 1917; became VI (Lucknow) Field Brigade on 1st October1920 and in 1933 finally designated as No 13 (Lucknow) Field Battery.


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