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Stunning Pair of Fire Gilt 19th ( 1st York , North Riding ) Officer 's Collar Badges, One maker marked J&Co, pre 1881

Stunning matched pair with two original lugs to the reverse. One stamped J&Co to the reverse. In superb condition and with a pattern of coronet or crown unique to the 19thRegiment (as opposed to the flatter and wider crown worn by other infantry regiments pre 1881 - see my item 55804). Circa 2.6cm wide and 2.1cm tall. Churchill notes that the officer's wore this pattern in gilt. Very scarce. In 1881 the 19th became the Green Howards ( Yorkshire Regiment).

Churchill No 559 refers.

Comm FB

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The Parachute Regiment Officer 's Silver Plated Collar Badge, King 's Crown

Die cast with two original lugs to the reverse and stamped P for silver plated to the reverse. Lion on top of King 's crown facing to the right. Circa 40cm wide and 2.4cm tall.


Code: 57426Price: 32.00 GBP

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Seaforth Highlanders Officer 's OSD Collar Badge F Cypher with Elephant

F Cypher is the officer 's pattern, die cast with two original loops the reverse. The Elephant which is die struck faces left with wo original lugs to the reverse. Circa 3.3cm wide and 2.3cm tall. Slight mark to bronze finish, almost black, which shows it to be brass underneath. Not a good match in colour terms, otherwise in good condition except for the slight mark already mentioned.

A2.2 / B28.24

Code: 57311Price: 28.00 GBP

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Kings Liverpool Regiment Officers Silver and Gilt Matched Facing Collar Badges

A stunning pair of matched and facing collar badges with two original silver lugs to each. Sharp detail and no damage or repairs. Some minor tarnishing.. Two part construction in silver and gilt. Circa 3.4cm tall. Worn from 1926 until amalgamation.

Churchill No 237 refers.

Code: 57273Price: 40.00 GBP

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Leicestershire Regiment early pattern bronze / brass collar badge, left facing

Early bronze / dark brass collar badge, also worn on the field service cap ( 1895-1902 ), 2 lugs, east-west. It looks like one of the lugs is a later replacement, otherwise in very good condition.

Code: 57272Price: 6.00 GBP

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Post 1952 Pair of Parachute Regiment Officer's Bronze Collar Badges - matched facing pair

A good matched facing pair of collar badges with two lugs on each, east-west.

Code: 57271Price: 28.00 GBP

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Pair of Royal Northumberland Fusiliers ( RNF ) Other Rank 's Facing Collar Badges

A good post WW2 die-stamped bi metal facing pair of other ranks collar badges (very close colour match, but not exact). Both converted to single square lugs to the reverse (one of these is a real Heath Robinson affair, no doubt the product of the REME workshop !)

Code: 57270Price: 20.00 GBP

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Stunning East Yorkshire Regiment Officer's Gilt, Silver and Enamel Collar Badge

Gilt bright, two part construction, with original lugs to reverse. Just shy of 2.9cm across. No damage to the enamel. Superb. Worn from 1898.

Churchill No 484 refers.

Code: 57269Price: 18.00 GBP

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23rd County of London Regiment Bi-metal Collar Badge, King' s Crown

Bi metal with two original lugs and three braising holes to the reverse. Pre 1952. This variety has the "02" rather than "2" in the South Africa title circle.

Churchill No 1989 refers.

Code: 57268Price: 16.00 GBP

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Somerset Light Infantry - pair of anodised matched facing collar badges with backing plates, pre 1966

Good condition with two original lugs to each. Some damage to frets of one of the backing plates, otherwise in very good condition. Pre 1966 pattern with two lugs. Scarce.

Churchill No 417 refers.


Code: 57267Price: 18.00 GBP

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