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Victorian White Metal Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders ( A&SH ) Collar Badge with Scroll and Cat's Tail Up

Not come across this pattern before in white metal. It is well made with two original small cooper loops to the reverse. The one thought I had was Militia. The scroll is usually only found on officer's OSD versions. Any information welcome.


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Victorian Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry ( DCLI ) Officers Gilt Enamel and Velvet Backed Collar Badge

A scarce pre 1899 officer's collar badge with the smaller pattern coronet. Enamel and velvet in undamaged condition. Original backing plates and lugs. Scarce.


Churchill No 903 refers.

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Black Watch ( Royal Highland Regiment ) Officer's OSD Bronze Collar Badge

Circa 3.9cm tall, the large pattern OSD die cast bronze collar with two original lugs to the reverse. Some pitting to front which looks like it comes down to the quality of the original die otherwise in good condition.

Churchill No 1177 refers.


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DCLI Duke of Cornwall 's Light Infantry Officer's Matched Facing Paif of Silver Plated Collar Badges

In stunning condition with two original silvered lugs to the reverse of each. Worn on No 1 and No 3 Dress.

Churchill No 908 refers.


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Duke of Wellington 's (West Riding) Regiment Officer 's pair of Full Dress facing silver plated and gilt collar badges

silver plated howdahs mounted on facing dead gilt elephants. single collar badge, elephant facing to the right. As worn by offices on the shell jacket and scarlet frock from 1883. In very good condition with two original gilt lugs to the reverse of each. Sharp detail and in excellent condition.

Churchill page 147 refers.


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The Cheshire Regiment Officer 's Silver and Gilt Collar Badge

A single silver plate and gilt die cast metal collar badge to The Cheshire Regiment. With two original loops to the reverse and sweat / braising hole to reverse of acorn. In good condition, some service wear.

Churchill No 625 refers.


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Scarce Victorian period Seaforths Highlanders Officers Gilt Collar Badges - 4 pieces

Gilt bronze, matching facing pair of elephants and cyphers. All original lugs present. Minor rubbing to gilt and slight fracture to one trunk but it is still intact. Very scarce. The cyphers have the F above a raised plain plinth which denotes an officer's pattern cypher - Churchill No 1683 and 1684 refers. Each elephant is circa 3.3cm wide and 2.2cm tall. Each scroll is circa 4cm wide by 2.5cm tall. Worn from 1881 to circa 1911.

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Facing Pair of Victorian Collar Badges of the Highland Light Infantry ( HLI )

These are a pair of Victorian Collar Badges of the Highland Light Infantry. They are made from white metal and are in good condition with holding loops undamaged and intact. Not quite matching but close.

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King' s Own Royal Regiment ( Lancaster ) Other Ranks Collar Badges

A good early quality facing pair of brass collar badges, with two original copper lugs to the reverse of each. Worn from 1890 onwards with copper lugs.

Churchill No 106 refers.


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Royal Warwickshire Regiment Matched Facing Pair of Officer 's OSD Bronze Collar Badges

A matched facing pair of officers OSD bronze collar badges. Three original lugs to the reverse of each. Early variety with real chain. Very good condition. This is the variety with the chain reaching down between the rear legs.

Churchill No 175 refers.


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