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Indian Army ( AFI ) Kolar Gold Fields Battalion Matched Pair of Officer 's Gilt Collar Badges, 1917 - 1947

A scarce Kolar Gold Fields Battalion matched pair of collar badges worn circa 1903-17. UK made die cast gilt brass, a crowned circlet with crossed hammer and pickaxe. Kolar Gold Fields Battalion designation applied from 1947 until Indian Independence. Circa 3cm tall with two original loops to the reverse of each. In very good condition.

Unit history: 1903 formed as the Kolar Gold Fields Rifle Volunteers on 23rd January from a detachment of the Bangalore Rifle Volunteers. In 1917 became 43rd Kolar Gold Fields Battalion, and in 1920 as the Kolar Gold Field Battalion (Infantry).


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WW1 Indian Army - KGFV ( Kolar Gold Fields Volunteers ) Small White Metal Shoulder Title

A small white metal UK made / officer 's quality white metal shoulder title with two original lugs to the reverse. Slight twisting to lugs from service wear, otherwise in very good condition. Circa 33mm wide by 10mm tall.

The Kolar Gold Fields are believed to be the second deepest gold mines in the world. Situated at a distance of approximately 120km from Bangalore.

The unit was formed on 23rd January 1903 as the Kolar Gold Fields Rifle Volunteers from a detachment of the Bangalore Rifle Volunteers. In 1917 they became 43rd Kolar Gold Fields Battalion, and in 1920 redesignated on as the Kolar Gold Field Battalion (Infantry).


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10th Baluch Regiment Officer 's Bullion Sun Helmet Pagri Cloth Badge

A gold bullion Roman numeral X on a blue rectangle on a diamond shaped red felt backing cloth. The backing cloth is 4cm by 4cm. In good condition for age.

The 10th Baluch Regiment was a regiment of the British Indian Army from 1922 to 1947.


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Indian Army - Indian Mountain Artillery ( IMA ) bi metal shoulder title on white cotton slip on

White metal star applied to a brass I.M.A. with two integral tombstone style loops to the reverse suggesting Indian made with retaining cotter pin. Some red staining to white cotton material otherwise in very good condition and scarce.


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Indian Army - Punjab Regiment Unmarked Indian Silver Pagri Badge

The Burmese Cinthe ( Lion Dog God ) with the numerals 15 above a scroll " Punjab Regiment " with original and functional pin fixing to the reverse. The Cinthe was attributed to the 8th Punjab Regiment, but its various battalions often had their own badge. the 8th Punjab Regiment had a 15th Battalion, raised and based in India in 1942, which was disbanded in 1947, which was a training battalion for NCOs. Appears to be cast unmarked Indian silver and is well made, heavy and with sharp detail. Circa 4.1cm tall.

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Indian Army 130th Baluchis Bi-metal Shoulder Title - maker named

An attractive and scarce bi-metal die cast two piece shoulder title to the 130 Baluchis. With 2 integral lugs to the reverse. Faintly marked on the reverse with maker's details - J H Johnson & Co, Aligarh, U.P. The brass has been given a bronze finish, In good condition.

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WW2 Indian Army Overseas Bronze Service Pin Badge

Large bronze die cast badge with good patina and sharp detail with original fully functional pin and clasp. 3.7cm in diameter. Very slight edge knock at about 5 o'clock, but it is more visible on reverse, and some light scratching to the reverse, neither of which detract.

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Indian Army - Bangalore Rifle Volunteers Collar Badges - Facing and Matched Pair - From the Gaunt Pattern Archive

A facing matched pair of original King 's Crown Collar Badges of the Bangalore Rifle Volunteers of India (circa 1902-1947).They are made from white metal and are in good condition with holding lugs undamaged and intact.

These are from the Gaunt Pattern Book Archive. Very good condition, sharp detail with original dark lugs.

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Indian Army - Chota Nagpur Regiment AFI post 1917 white metal cap badge

Finely cast example. Within a crowned horseshoe scroll inscribed C.N. Regt.; a Cobra with its body encircling the ends of the scroll. The cobra appears to be a contrasting colour. With two original lugs to the reverse. Circa 4cm tall and 3cm wide. Worn circa 1917 - 1947 (Cox No 2722 refers).

Formed as Chota Nagpur Mounted Rifles in 1891; became the Chota Nagpur Light Horse in 1910 and finally Chota Nagpur Regiment in 1917.

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Indian Army WW1 - 9th Bhopal Infantry Officer 's Silver Cap Badge

A fine scarce die cast native silver example with two long original silver loops to the reverse. An amazing design. Possible strengthening repair to the reverse at some time, but not obvious from the front, or could just be cast marks from manufacture. Circa 3.3cm tall.

9th Bhopal Infantry were designated as such in 1903. During the First World War, the 9th Bhopal Infantry was dispatched to France in 1914. The regiment suffered heavy losses at the Battles of Neuve Chapelle, Festubert, Givenchy and the Second Ypres. In 1915, they arrived in Mesopotamia, where they were engaged in fierce fighting on the Tigris Front. Sepoy Chatta Singh was awarded the Victoria Cross for exceptional valour at the Battle of Wadi on 13 January 1916. By the time the regiment returned home in March 1919, only fifteen men remained of those who had sailed for France in 1914. In 1922 became 16th Punjab Regiment.


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