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King Edward 's Horse New Zealand Squadron Large Gilding Metal Fern Slouch Hat Badge

King 's Colonials 2nd Pattern New Zealand Squadron Slouch Hat Badge with two original loops to the reverse. Circa 7.1cm wide by 3.4cm tall. In very good condition.

Raised as part of 4th County of London Imperial Yeomanry in 1902 enabling C Squadron (Australasian) to become purely Australian.

K&K Vol 1, No 1377 refers.


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WW1 - NZRB New Zealand Rifle Brigade Blackened Shoulder Title

In good condition with two original hexagonal lugs to the reverse. Corbett refers to blackened shoulder titles being worn in WW1 (page 234).


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New Zealand 4th Otago Regiment Brass Collar Badge

In good condition with sharp detail with two original lugs on the reverse (east-west). 3.2cm wide and 2.7cm tall. Worn 1911 - 1948.

Corbett p205 refers.

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New Zealand Senior Cadet Officer 's Cap / Collar Badge worn from 1911 onwards
Die cast in OSD finish with two original lugs to the reverse. Circa 2.9cm tall and 3.2cm wide. Maker marked JR Gaunt.London (with dot but the 11mm variety which is ok (unlike the 15mm copies) to the reverse). Worn in this size as both a cap badge and left facing collar badge (Oldham). The motto ' Fortes Fortuna Juvat ' on a scroll below a dexter arm.

My thanks to other members of the BMBF for confirming that it was worn by Senior Cadet Officers from 1911 to 1921, Training Cadre from 1927, unposted Regular Service Recruits from 1932 to 1950 and troops stationed at Fanning Island during WW2. The badge was adopted for use by regular Force cadets in 1950 and was plated in silver or chrome from 1952.


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WW2 Era New Zealand ( NZ ) Home Front Women's Land Service Brass Pin Badge
An attractive die struck brass badge with original pin and c clasp to the reverse indicating for wear on the blouse or jumper. In very good condition and scarce. Circa 3.7cm tall. Those versions with lugs were worn in the hat.

The Women’s Land Service, which was called the Women’s Land Army until 1942, was a government initiative to bolster the rural workforce which, given New Zealand was primarily an agricultural economy, became a major contributor to the war effort as its men departed for the front.

According to Corbett (The Regimental Badges of New Zealand), at its peak the NZ Women's Land Service had 2,000 women within its ranks. Disbanded 1946.

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New Zealand Regiment Brass Cap Badge
An attractive die cast badge, maker marked M.L.K. Ltd, WGTN, N.Z. (stands for Wellington, New Zealand). A Kiwi within a circle inscribed 'New Zealand Regiment'. enclosed by fern leaves and surmounted by a crown. Two original cooper loops. Circa 4.3cm tall and 4cm wide. A strong stiff badge with sharp detail.

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New Zealand - 4th ( Otago Rifles ) Regiment Cap Badge

An attractive die struck and gilding metal badge with two original lugs to the reverse and with original thin maker's tablet JR Gaunt London. Battle honours South Africa 1901 - 1902. Circa 3.4cm tall and 4cm wide. Excellent condition. Corbett p.205 refers.

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WW2 Returned Australian Service League ( RSL ) Lapel Badge

Stamped A00377 and maker marked Swann & Hudson, Victoria. Emamel in good condition. The 76 on the top of the badge is for 1976, as each year when you used to pay your subs you got a clip on year number so one could see at a glance if you were financially paid up. Thanks for the information Phil.

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Rare WW1 New Zealand Veterinary Corps ( NZVC ) OSD Officer 's Bronze Cap Badge - Blades - Rare Laurel Leaf pattern - maker's tablet Firmin

Circa 4.3cm tall, with two original blades to the reverse. In very good condition but with a maker's tablet to the reverse of the crown, which has verdigris on it which makes it hard to read but it is "Firmin London". This is the rare laurel eave pattern. According to Corbett "very few of the oak (sic) leave badges exist" (pp262-263). He actually meant laurel leaf, thanks to Phillip for pointing this out. Although I have now been privileged to have handled two such badges, the other without the maker's tablet (see item 56713). Formed in 1907. This is an early badge. Later patterns had a fern leaf pattern.


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WW1 New Zealand Mounted Rifles ( NZMR ) Bronze Shoulder Title - Gaunt

Brass shoulder title with two original hexagonal lugs to the reverse and maker marked JR Gaunt & Sons on the reverse. In very good condition. Circa 6.8cm wide and 1.5cm tall.

Featured on p.170 of Corbett's "The Regimental Badges of New Zealand".

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