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Northumberland Hussars Yeomanry White Metal NCO 's Arm Badge

A large die struck white metal arm badge with two original short loops to the reverse. In very good condition with sharp detail. The keep of the Norman Castle of Newcastle on Tyne, Worn above the chevrons by corporals and above.


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17th Lancers White Metal Cap / WW1 NCO Arm Motto

According to Linaker and Dine the white metal cap motto was pressed into service in WW1 as an NCO arm badge.

Linaker & Dine Plate 43.9 refers.

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18th Royal Hussars ( Queen Mary 's Own ) NCO 's Silver Plated Arm Badge

A scarce 18th Hussars (not the later 13th/18th pattern) NCO 's Die Cast Silver Plated Arm Badge with two original loops (e-w) to the reverse. Circa 36mm high and 40mm wide.

Included for comparison and interest a later chromed pattern badge as worn by 13th / 18th Hussars. Note the difference in the Q tail design which typifies later issue badges. This chromed badge is not included for sale here.

Linaker & Dine 32.1 Type B refers.

C23.1 (1)

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19th Royal Hussars ( Queen Alexandra 's Own ) NCO 's Silver Plated Arm Badge

A scarce right facing silver plated NCO arm badge, open backed with two dark toned loops to the reverse. In lovely condition. Not to be confused with the left facing elephant of virtually the same design which was worn either on the tropical sun helmet with a slider fitting or on the field service cap with loops. A left facing elephant is included alongside in one of the photos for comparison and interest, it is not being sold with this item.

Linaker & Dine p121 refers.

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21st Lancers ( Empress of India 's ) NCO Arm Badge

Linaker & Dine p141 refers (photo credit).

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17th / 21st Lancers NCO White Metal Arm Motto

Die struck white metal motto NCO arm motto with two original loops to reverse. Lugs look to have been plated at some point so most probably silver plate version. Circa 48mm high and 41mm wide.

Linaker & Dine, Type B, p143 refers.

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The Queen 's Royal Lancers ( QRL ) NCO Embroidered Arm Badge - Mess Dress

The only arm badge worn by this new regiment is on the mess dress jacket by the Warrant Officers and Senior Ranks in the form of a silver embroidered motto on a French grey backing. Circa 43mm by 42mm.

Linaker & Dine Colour Plate D and page refers (photo credit)

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11th Hussars Large Embroidered Gold Bullion NCO No 1 Dress Arm Badge

A large gold bullion embroidered NCO's Arm Badge on a crimson cloth felt background, Circa 68mm tall and 65mm wide. In very good condition. Worn circa 1950 - 1969 only.

See Colour Plate C in the front of Linaker and Dine.


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4th Queen 's Own Hussars NCOs White Metal Arm Badge - Firmin

A stunning example, solid die struck with two original north - south loops to the reverse and stamped Firmin London. Circa 6.2cm tall and 4cm wide at base of scroll. Of exceptional quality (the letters look almost jeweller cut).

This badge is as per Badge A in Linaker & Dine (p84), where they speculate this badge was the one produced in the UK for Corporals in the late 1930s. As this example is maker marked Firmin London, we can confirm their speculation as correct. Scarce.


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15th / 19th King's Own Hussars NCO's white metal Arm Badge

A good pre 1953 die struck white metal example with two original lugs to the reverse and red felt backing for 15th / 19th Hussars (black backing would have been worn by 1st Dragoons). In very good condition with sharp detail. Minor service wear to lugs. Circa 65cm tall and 40mm wide.

Linkater & Dine p124 refers.


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