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15/19th Hussars Matching Pair of Officer 's smaller pattern Brass Shoulder Titles

A matched pair of shoulder titles with two original loops to the reverse. Smaller officer 's pattern as noted in Westlake. Circa 4.2cm wide and 1cm tall (excluding the forward slash). In very good condition. (See my item 57768 for the larger pattern other ranks version).

Westlake No 157 refers.


Code: 58200Price: 32.00 GBP

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WW2 Airborne - The Light Artillery ( 455, 456, 457, 458. 459 and 460th Battery / 1st Air Landing Battery / ) Embroidered Shoulder Title

Rare embroidered yellow on navy blue with some extra cotton wool padding to the reverse to "Puff" this fellow out when worn - as vein as peacocks these special forces boys!
In good condition, removed from uniform.

The title will come with a description of the title and the units that work it as written by Norman Litchfield. They had an interesting war with 455, 456 and 457 joining the Royal Marine Division in 110 Force. 455 served with No 7 Commando carrying out three opposed landings against the Vichy French in Madagascar, and 458 joined 1st Airborne Division landing at Arnhem as part of the 1st Air Landing Light Battery.

Comm GrH

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Large Pattern BAYS 2nd Dragoon Guards Brass Shoulder Title on Backing Plate

With two original hexagonal lugs to the reverse and still secured to its original vented backing plate, some signs of service wear and could do with a light clean. Worn from 1921 onwards by other ranks. Circa 4.6cm wide and 1.6cm tall excluding backing plate. Scarce.

Westlake No 30 refers (this is the variety with the gap at the bottom of the A)


Code: 58132Price: 14.00 GBP

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15H - 15th King 's Own Hussars Other Ranks Brass Shoulder Title

A single !5th Hussars Other Ranks Brass shoulder title with two original loops to the reverse. In good condition.

Westlake No 148 refers


Code: 57924Price:

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15th / 19th Hussars Other Rank 's Matched Pair of Brass Shoulder Titles

Large pattern, matched pair, with two original hexagonal lugs to the reverse of each. Very good condition. Circa 52mm wide and 14mm tall (excluding the 'dash').

Westlake No 156 refers.


Code: 57768Price: 18.00 GBP

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XVKH / 15th ( King's ) Hussars Officer 's Matched Pair of Roman Numeral Shoulder Titles

A fine matched pair in gilt brass with two original hexagonal fixings to the reverse of each. Circa 5.1cm wide and 1.3cm tall. Worn before 1923.

Westlake No 149 refers.


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Pair of 15th Hussars Brass Other Rank 's Shoulder Titles

A reasonable match from the front but not matching, slight colour variation, with different pattern of fixing loops to the reverse.

Westlake No 148 refers


Sold to PG

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Royal Tank Corps ( RTC ) Brass Shoulder Title

Some wear to the finish and therefore reflected in price. Will clean up with some elbow grease! Two original square lugs to the reverse.

Westlake 196 refers (worn post 1923)

Code: 57630Price: 3.00 GBP

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21st Lancers (Empress of India 's ) Other Rank 's Brass Shoulder Title

Signs of service wear otherwise in good condition with two original hexagonal style lugs to the reverse. The smaller variety at 1.3cm tall.

Westlake No 186 refers


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WW1 Machine Gun Corps ( MGC ) Brass Shoulder Title Badge

MGC in brass with two original hexagonal lugs to the reverse. Some signs of polishing to the detail but in good condition. Circa 1915 - 1922.

Westlake No 381 refers.


Code: 57309Price: 12.00 GBP

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