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KEH / KODR King Edward's Horse / The King's Overseas Dominions Regiment Brass Shoulder Title

A brass shoulder title for the 1st King Edward's Horse (The King's Overseas Dominions Regiment), with two original loop fastenings. As worn from 1910 until disbanded in 1924. Scarce.

During WW1 the Regiment was broken up serving in a variety of roles in France and Italy. Some became mounted orderlies and KODR became the 'King's Own Despatch Riders' to the jeers of the infantry.

Westlake No 204 refers


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GREYS Royal Scots Greys Other Rank's Brass Shoulder Title (small pattern)

Two original six sided hexagonal lugs to the reverse. Slight rippling to the metal, especially on the "G" otherwise bright finish and in good condition. Circa 4.1cm wide and 1cm tall. This smaller pattern was introduced in 1950, becoming gold anodised in 1960. Quite short-lived.

Westlake No 81 refers.

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The City of London Imperial Yeomanry ( Rough Riders ) Brass Sheet Cut One Piece Shoulder Title / Slouch hat Badge

Theatre made, neatly cut from brass sheet with two contemporary thin loops soldered to the reverse. In good condition and scarce. Pre 1908, most probably made during Boer War and possibly also worn on the slouch hat as well as a shoulder title. This regiment was raised on 1901.

Westlake No 335 refers.


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7DG - 7th (Princess Royal's) Dragoon Guards Brass Shoulder Title

A pre 1922 pattern brass shoulder title with two original hexagonal lugs to the reverse. Some signs of service wear otherwise in good condition.

Westlake No 70 refers.


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Early 16th Queen's Lancers Cast Brass Shoulder Title

Scarce brass shoulder title with 2 original integral loops to reverse. Pre 1913 (when 16L was introduced).

Westlake No 164 refers.


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3.K.O.H. 3rd King's Own Hussars Officer's Gilt Shoulder Title

Gilt Cast Brass Shoulder title with two original long tombstone style loops to the reverse and maker marked JR Gaunt London. Some staining to gilt finish otherwise in good condition. Pre 1958. Scarce.

Westlake No 87 refers.


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15th / 19th Hussars ( King' s Own ) Officer 's Gilt Brass Roman Numeral Shoulder Title

Small officer's pattern with two original loops to the reverse. Circa 4.3cm wide and 1cm tall. In good condition but some marks from service wear. See item 58606 for a variety of this shoulder title which is even smaller.

Westlake No 161 refers.


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19H - 19th Hussars Other Ranks Brass Shoulder Title

Two original hexagonal lugs to the reverse. In good condition with minor signs of service wear. Pre 1922. Scarce.


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Victorian Montgomeryshire Yeomanry Cavalry Major Officer's Shoulder Chains

A matched pair with black backing material and two original Victorian crowned MIY buttons on their screw posts with original circular retaining discs. A pair of gilt and red velvet padded Victorian rank crowns for the rank of Major. Quite weighty to post overseas. In very good condition. Pre 1901 when "Imperial" was prefixed to all Yeomanry regiments. Of Welsh / Wales interest. Scarce.


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XV.XIX.H 15th / 19th Hussars Officer's Roman Numeral Small Gilt Brass Shoulder Title

A scarce and very small pattern officer's shoulder title, with two original loops to the reverse. Circa 0.8cm tall and 3.8cm wide. In very good condition.

Westlake No 161 refers.


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