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WW1 Indian Army Large Pattern Officer 's Brass Button

Circa 26mm in diameter, fixed shank and maker marked Pitt & Co, 31 Maddox Street, London W. In very good condition.


Code: 58408Price: 15.00 GBP

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West African - Gold Coast Defence Force ( Volunteers ) Officer 's Large Pattern Gilt Button , c1927 - 1939

A stunning and scarce button worn by this all white volunteer unit, fixed shank, circa 22mm in diameter, reverse states " Extra Superb " - says it all really! Some minor wear to gilt.

See Renfrew el al Vol 1 no 367 for a picture of the cap badge which is identical to the motif on the button.

Code: 58120Price: 35.00 GBP

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Shanghai Volunteer Corps ( SVC ) Large Pattern Blackened Brass Button

A blackened brass button, circa 22mm in diameter, fixed shank and back marked Hobson & Sons, London W. Letters SVC within a garter strap containing the date April 4th 1854, the year of its incorporation. Scarce.


Code: 57944Price: 45.00 GBP

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Victorian East India Railway Volunteer Rifles Medium White Metal Button

19mm in diameter. Fixed shank, Backmarked "J. Platt & Co, St Martin's Lane" (London). In good condition. See also item 50876 for the larger pattern button and also item 50389 for a matched pair of collars to this scarce unit.

Code: 56692Price: 5.00 GBP

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Victorian Queen's Own 2nd Rifles of Canada Black Medium Pattern Button

Circa 17mm in diameter, black button, fixed shank, blank reverse. In very good condition.


Code: 55623Price: 6.00 GBP

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Lord Strathcona's Horse ( Royal Canadians ) Officer's Medium Pattern Gilt Button

Circa 19mm in diameter, fixed shank, backmarked Hawkes & Co, London. In very good condition.


Code: 55622Price: 6.00 GBP

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Indian Army - 24th Regiment of Madras Native Infantry Officer's Victorian Medium Pattern Button

Circa 18mm in diameter, fixed shank with makers details "Hobsons & Son, 3 & 5 Lexington St" (London). Dark toned, gilt now absent. Battle honours confirm for this regiment, Seringapatam, Assaye and Bourbon. Scarce.


Code: 55612Price: 25.00 GBP

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East India Company - 5th Light Cavalry ( Bengal European ) Silvered Officer's Ball Button

An early ball button with fixed shank and feint makers details to the reverse. I can make out W&R ...S.. and HJ below. Circa 15mm in diameter. Rare as only worn 1858 - 1859.

Happy to be corrected, but I beleive this to be worn by the 5th Bengal European Cavalry, a cavalry regiment of the British East India Company, created in 1858 and disbanded in 1859. The regiment was originally raised in Bengal by the East India Company in 1858 as the 5th Bengal European Light Cavalry, for service in the Indian Mutiny; the "European" in the name indicated that it was manned by white soldiers, not Indian sowars. During the Mutiny, a major of the regiment, Charles John Stanley Gough, received the Victoria Cross. As with all other "European" units of the Company, they were placed under the command of the Crown following the end of the Mutiny in 1858, but the regiment was disbanded rather than be transferred into the British Army.


Code: 55604Price: 55.00 GBP

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Indian Army ( Madras ) - Southern Province Mounted Rifles ( S.P.M.R. ) Medium Pattern White Metal Button

Circa 19.5mm in diameter, with fixed shank and back-marked J.H. Johnson & Co, Aligarh U.P. In good condition. SPMR below a bugle. Pre 1947.

Code: 55375Price: 8.00 GBP

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31st Regiment of Punjab Native Infantry High Gilt Officers Medium Pattern Button

High Gilt Victorian Officers 31st Punjab Native Infantry Medium sized button with fixed shank. Backmarked Hobson & Sons, London W. Circa 18mm in diameter. A lovely button.

Vendor stated it belonged to Lt Col James L. O'Bryen who was killed at Malakand.

Code: 55339Price: 18.00 GBP

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