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WW2 Special Forces - Commando Signals Embroidered Red on Black Felt Cloth Shoulder Title

Removed from uniform, in very good condition. Some traces of glue to the reverse.

Formed in 1942 and attached to Commando HQ. There were two signalmen per Commando Troop. This is the second pattern introduced later in 1942 (previously it had been white on black). See Peter Taylor's book, page 65.

Comm GrH

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Rare WW2 Special A Service Airbourne Armoured Unit Embroidered White on Dark Blue Cloth Shoulder Title

Three Special Service Companies, (later designated as Squadrons) were raised in July 1941 with the designation of A, B and C. They were raised from volunteers drawn from the cavalry regiments of the 2nd Armoured Brigade (The Queens Bays, 9th Royal Lancers and 10th Royal Hussars). The idea was to train the men in the use of glider borne light tanks which was under investigation at the time.

A Squadron was disbanded in 1942. B Squadron was used in the invasion of Madagascar in May 1942 and later went to India where it was absorbed by 146 Royal Armoured Corps. C Squadron was reformed in June 1942 as the Airborne Light Tank Squadron. It saw service on D Day as the 1st Airborne Light Tank Squadron allocated to the 6th Airborne Division.

The title comes in very good condition. Some traces of paste remaining to the reverse. Worn July 1941 to June 1942 only. Rare.

Comm GrH

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Unofficial WW2 Pattern South Staffordshire Regiment Airborne Shoulder Title

Unofficial embroidered Airborne yellow on maroon SOUTH STAFFORD shoulder title. In unissued condition. Loose hessian black mesh to reverse and some white bluetack marks.

Comm GrH

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Scarce WW2 1st SAS (Special Air Service ) Embroidered Cambridge Blue Maroon Felt Cloth Shoulder Title

This is a scarce 1st SAS (Special Air Service) embroidered shoulder title removed from uniform. It is in very good condition but has some white bluetack to reverse.

Comm GrH

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Rare Pattern Reconnaissance Corps Embroidered Yellow on Green Felt Shoulder Title

A rare WW2 title with the addition of the word "Corps" with black hessian and paper backing. In unissued condition. It was apparently introduced (unofficially) in July 1942 and withdrawn only two months later in September 1942. Being replaced officially by "Reconnaissance" in June 1943.

Comm GrH

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WW2 Matched Pair of Embroidered Shoulder Titles - No 9 Commando

White on black, good matched pair with no moth or damage. Look to be unissued condition.

Formed from Scottish Command. Saw service predominately in the Mediterranean, Albania, Yugoslavia , Greece and Italy.

Comm GrH

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WW2 RECCE Reconnaissance Corps Officer's Silver Plated and Gilt Cap Badge

Stunning full size two part construction die-cast silvered example with applied gilt spear and title scroll, with two original long silvered loops to the reverse. Minor tarnishing to silver plate otherwise in superb condition.


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WW2 RECCE Reconnaissance Corps Matched Pair of Embroidered Cloth Shoulder Titles

Yellow on green felt. Hessian backed, unissued condition. Circa 12.6cm wide and 2cm tall.

Comm GrH

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WW2 RECCE Reconnaissance Corps Officer's Gilt Brass Medium Pattern Button

Circa 19mm in diameter, fixed shank, blank reverse. In very good condition.


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WW2 RECCE Reconnaissance Corps Officers Matched Pair of Silver Plated Collar Badges - JR Gaunt London

A matched pair of silver plate collar badges to the Recce Corps. With two original D shaped lugs to the reverse and both collars embossed with maker's mark JR Gaunt London and stamped "P". Circa 3.1cm tall and 3.1cm wide. Some twisting to the lugs but otherwise in very good condition.

Churchill & Westlake No 397 refers

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