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1st Derbyshire Militia Officer 's Silver Plated Shako Plate , 1855- 1861

An early silver plated officer 's shako plate of the 1st Derby Militia. Circa 10.5cm tall and 8.6cm wide. With two original loops to the reverse and of two part construction (retaining pins replaced with a length of copper wire). In good condition with minor signs of service wear. This size and pattern of plate was worn from 1855 - 1861.


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Oxfordshire Rifle Volunteers Silver Plated Glengarry Badge, pre 1887

An attractive die stamped silvered copper glengarry badge, 6cm tall and 4.7cm wide. Two lugs to the reverse (east-west) with slightly flattened tops presumably to ease wear. In very good condition and dark toned to front. The number '7' in the strap at the bottom indicates the order of precedence for the County of Oxfordshire rifle volunteers in the UK (See Directory of Rifle Volunteers by Westlake, p46). Worn by an officer or senior NCO.

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1st Battalion, The Monmouthshire Regiment White Metal Cap Badge, post 1922 pattern

A die good struck white metal cap badge as worn by the 1st Battalion, The Monmouthshire Regiment ( Territorials ). The Welsh Dragon to the centre of a crowned wreath of poppies and laurel with scrolls bearing battle honours. With original slider to the reverse.

K&K Vol 2, No 1770 refers

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4th / 5th Territorial Battalion Prince Albert 's Somerset Light Infantry SLI White Metal Cap Badge

Good strong die struck large pattern white metal badge with original slider. The scroll with the South Africa 1900-01 as worn by the territorial battalions. Some polishing has eroded the detail of the bricks on the crown, but otherwise good condition.

K&K, Vol. 1, No 1711 refers.


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6th Rifle Battalion ( TA ) King 's Regiment ( Liverpool ) Blackened Brass Cap Badge

A die struck blackened brass cap badge with original slider to reverse. It depicts a bugle horn surmounted by rose of Lancaster.

K&K Vol 1 No 1702 refers.


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Scarce 2 VB DEVON volunteer battalion white metal shoulder title

A scarce 2nd Volunteer Battalion Devonshire Regiment white metal shoulder title with three original dark toned lugs, one twisted quite severely but still functional.


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Royal Monmouthshire ( Light Infantry ) Militia Officer 's Waist Belt Clasp, 1855 - 1877

A scarce silver plated and gilt militia officer 's waist belt clasp ( WBC ) maker marked 'J & Co' ( Jennens ) and with matching benchmarks No "2" stamped on each piece. Similar to the regular battalion WBC but without the central "43" (please note there is no evidence of a 43 ever having been present). Jennens & Co traded from 1832 to 1922.

Unit Lineage:

Royal Monmouth and Brecon Militia (1804-1820)
Royal Monmouthshire Militia (1820-1852)
Royal Monmouthshire (Light Infantry) Militia (1852-1877)
Royal Monmouthshire Engineers (Militia) (1877-1896)
Royal Monmouthshire Royal Engineers (Militia) (1896 to date)


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WW1 - 4th / 5th / 6th Battalions ( Territorial ) Suffolk Regiment Bi Metal Cap Badge - Maker named Bodill Parker & Co

Bi metal cap badge with original slider, some very slight damage to bottom right of applied scroll otherwise in good condition. Correctly applied and original maker mark on slider ' BP & Co Ld. B'ham ' (Bodill Parker & Co Limited, not tobe confused with Bent & Parker). Scarce.

See the following URL for more information on the BP&Co mark:


K&K Vol 1 No 1710 refers.


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Victorian - Isle of Man Volunteers Other Ranks White Metal Glengarry Badge ( the 7th Volunteer Battalion King 's Liverpool Regiment )

A die struck white metal cap badge with two original dark toned loops to the reverse. The motto " Quocunque Jeceris Stabit " which is rather appropriate given the three legged device to the centre and translates as " whichever way you throw him he will stand ". It was also the motto adopted by the Home Guard of the island in WW2. Circa 4.7cm tall. Some evidence of service wear otherwise in good condition and rare. This pattern worn circa 1896 to 1901.

On the 1st March 1884, the Isle of Man Volunteers were redesignated as the 7th ( Isle of Man ) Volunteer Battalion, The King's (Liverpool Regiment). The Territorial Act of 1907 Act did not extend to the Isle of Man, therefore, the 7th Battalion was the only volunteer battalion that did not move to the Territorial Force and it remained as the last volunteer force unit in the British Army until its disbandment in March 1920.


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4th / 5th ( Territorial ) Battalions Loyal North Lancashire Regiment Officer 's Blackened OSD Collar Badge

A scarce die cast OSD blackened version, rare to find with the T attached in this way (as manufactured) and with three original loops to the reverse. Worn by the 4th and 5th Territorial Battalion Officer 's from 1908. Churchill does not depict one, but does describe them on page 207, and makes reference to them being found in bronze and also in blackened form. Circa 5cm tall and in very good condition with the black finish intact.


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