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2nd Somerset Rifle Volunteers NCOs Cross Belt and Pouch complete with badges and whistle fittings

Scarce Victorian N.C.O.'s brown leather cross-belt and pouch complete with all fittings (except missing one nut from the two which secure the whistle housing). The cross-belt plate being a strung bugle to the centre of a crowned circlet bearing the title, 2nd.Battn.Somerset Rifle Volunteers, within a wreath of laurel. The belt is complete with the lion-head boss and two-strand chain connected to the whistle and holder. The pouch has the original tinned liner and bears the rifle volunteers strung bugle. Whistle has only one of two screw-bolts to the reverse, otherwise all present and correct, and the leather work is remains supple but with signs of much service wear and with a few scuff marks and small tear to the inside leather, which does not detract as it is not visible. Scarce.


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Honourable Artillery Company ( HAC ) Brass Other Ranks Beret Cap Badge - Gaunt

King' s crown small pattern as worn on beret by ORs, with original slider which is maker marked J.R. Gaunt London (no full stop). Circa 3.5cm tall. In very good condition.


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Honourable Artillery Company Infantry Other Ranks Nickel plated Brass Cap Badge - Coronation 1953 version

A nickel white metal plated brass cap badge with original slider to the reverse. I understand that these were changed from brass to white metal specifically for the Queen Elizabeth II's coronation in 1953, and white metal patterns were issued in 1954 onwards. Circa 5.5cm tall. Some wear to plating.


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8th ( Bury ) Lancashire Rifle Volunteers Officer 's Pouch Belt Plate

A stunning frosted silver plated (unmarked ) Officers white metal pouch belt plate badge of two part construction and with two original screw posts to the reverse. Circa 8.3cm tall. As worn circa 1859 - 1883.

Designated as the 8th Bury Rifle Volunteers in 1859 and in 1883 redesignated as the 1st Volunteer Battalion, Lancashire Fusiliers.


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Honourable Artillery Company ( HAC ) Infantry Warrant Officers & Sergeants Bi- Metal Cap Badge

A two construction brass grenade with two original loops to the reverse with HAC superimposed in white metal on the ball of the grenade as worn by Warrant Officers and Sergeants of the Infantry Battalion until 1954, when the colours were reversed. Scarce.

K&K Vol No 1 No 1764 refers.


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Honourable Artillery Company ( HAC ) Officer 's White Metal Beret Cap Badge

Solid die struck in white metal with two loops to the reverse. Depicts the crest of the HAC. In very good condition and complete in all respects. Circa 3cm wide and 2.5cm tall.

K&K Vol 2 No 2371


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Durham Light Infantry ( DLI ) Territorial Officers Silver Plated Cap Badge - South Africa Scroll

An excellent officers full size die cast cap badge with two original lugs to the reverse. P for plated in the reverse of the crown. Circa 4.5cm tall. Sharp detail. Slight twisting to the lugs from service wear, otherwise in great and slightly silver toned condition.

As worn by Officers of the 5th, 7th, 8th and 9th Territorial Battalions.

K&K Vol 2 No 1748 refers.

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Victorian Militia Other Ranks White Metal Glengarry Badge

Die struck white metal militia glengarry badge, circa 1870 - 1881. This pattern is not listed in K&K. Circa 6.2cm tall and 3.7cm wide. One dark toned lug remaining of two, the one in the crown as been clipped off. Sharp detail with two slight spots of verdigris staining to front. Scarce.

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4th Volunteer Battalion The Norfolk Regiment Victorian Other Ranks White Metal Glegarry Badge

A one piece die struck glengarry badge with a Victorian crown above and three original lugs to the reverse. A couple of small solder blobs to strengthen the Britannia insert, and a couple of small service scrapes to the front otherwise in very food condition.


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3rd Royal Lancashire Militia Other Ranks Pork Pie / Forage Cap Badge, circa 1858

An original die struck scroll with two original and dark toned lugs to the reverse. Usually worn with a separate left facing ribboned bugle above, sadly no longer present. Superb condition.

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