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Stunning Pouch Belt Plate to the 6th ( Huddersfield ) West Riding of Yorkshire Rifle Volunteer Corps ( RVC )

Two part construction with four original screw posts to reverse. However original fixing nuts are missing. Wonderful design and in excellent condition. Circa 8.6cm tall and 6.2cm wide. Worn 1859 - 1880. Scarce.


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King's Shropshire Light Infantry ( KSLI ) Volunteer Battalion ( V.B. ) White Metal Collar Badge, 1887 - 1908

A scarce die struck white metal collar badge as worn by the volunteer battalions of the KSLI from 1887 to 1908. Two original lugs to the reverse. Circa 3.1cm tall and 3.7cm wide. In very good condition with sharp detail. Slight trace of verdigris to the reverse.

Churchill No 1419 refers (but white metal).


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Victorian 24th Middlesex ( Post Office ) Rifle Volunteers blackened White Metal collar badge

Flat topped Victorian crown, die struck in white metal and then blackened with two original lugs to the reverse. The 24 polished through to white for contrast. Circa 3.6cm tall. In very good condition. See MHS Bulletin, May 1956 p89, for details.

The 49th Corps, Post Office, was raised in 1868. It was renumbered 24th in 1880, and became the 8th ( Post Office Rifles ) Battalion of the London Regiment in 1908.


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Royal Monmouthshire Royal Engineers officers bullion side cap badge

A good scarce post 1953 bullion example in excellent condition. Private purchase item.

The Royal Monmouthshire Royal Engineers (Militia) (R MON RE(M)) is the most senior regiment in the British Territorial Army, having given continuous loyal service to the crown since 1539. It is part of the reserve forces, and is the only remaining Militia unit in the British Army. The R Mon RE(M) is the only unit to have two 'Royal' prefixes in its title.


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Bedfordshire Militia Other Rank's Roun Forage Cap Scroll Badge, circa 1858

Die struck white metal scroll with two original loops to the reverse. Would have been worn with a separate and distinctive shaped stringed bugle above, no longer present. In very good condition with sharp detail. Scarce.

Comm FB

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6th Battalion Royal Hamphsire Regiment ( 383 A/Tk Regiment RA ( TA)) White Metal Cap Badge - Firmin

As worn from 1947 by the Royal Artillery version of the Regiment with the Hampshire scroll discarded and all in white metal. A fine badge in very good condition and original slider stamped correctly with the manufacturer's details, Firmin London.

Gaylor page 66 refers / Plate 21.


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5th Volunteer Battalion South Wales Borderers ( SWB ) Hallmarked Silver Competition Shooting Tea Spoon

A lovely item with V5B to front and SWB stamped to rear. 5th VB SWB HQ at Newtown. Good sharp hallmarks for Sheffield 1907 (Date Letter P). In very good condition.


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Scarce 1860 Robin Hood Rifles Volunteers original Special Pattern Whistle Boss and Cased Whistle with Chain ( Nottingham )

An extremely attractive arts and crafts style white metal voided whistle boss as worn on the pouch belt, the quality of this item suggests it is officer's issue and possibly silver plated. A very attractive untampered with item. Whistle still makes a nice toot too!


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20th Middlesex ( Euston Square ) Rifle Volunteer Corps OR's helmet plate circa 1878-80 - The Railway Rifles

A good scarce die-stamped white metal example. Crowned star bearing laurel wreath and strap inscribed 20th Middlesex Rifles; Royal Crest to voided centre. The 20th ( Euston Square ) Middlesex Rifle Volunteer Corps with two original brass lugs (east and west). Worn only circa 1878-80, as this unit was redesignated as 11th ( Railway ) Corps in 1880. In very good condition (two very slight holes/ gaps of about 1mm, only visible if held up to the light).

In 1859, the 20th Middlesex Rifle Volunteer Corps ( Railway Rifles) was raised from workers of the London and North Western Railway Company, with HQ at Euston Square. In 1860 it was regimented with 4th Administrative Battalion, but in 1861 quickly became independent of 4th Administrative Battalion, presumably because ot its size. In 1880, it redesignated as 11th ( Railway ) Corps and in 1881 attached to the KRRC as a volunteer battalion, transferring in 1882 transferred to the Middlesex Regt and in 1890 becoming 3rd Volunteer Battalion Royal Fusiliers, which in 1908 became the 1/3rd (City of London) Battalion (Royal Fusiliers), The County of London Regiment.


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5th West York Militia Officer's Silver Plated Waist Belt Clasp ( WBC ) - Also of Yorkshire Regiment ( Green Howards ) Interest

A rare, silvered, waist-belt clasp for an officer of The 5th West York Militia with matching benchmarks ( No 1). In excellent condition with some tarnishing. Raised in 1853.

In 1881, the 5th West Yorks Militia became the 3rd Militia Battalion the Yorkshire Regiment ( Green Howards ). See Hayes "The Constitutional Force" p.295).


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