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1st Exeter & South Devon Rifle Volunteers Officers / NCOs Pouch Belt Badge

A large die struck pouch badge with three small flat lugs attachments to the reverse. Blackened silver plate. Letters are sharp and jeweller cut finish. The photos do not do it justice. Slight mark/dent to 'N' in Volunteer, otherwise A1 condition. Circa 10.3cm tall.

The Exeter Corps was founded by the superintendant of the Exminster Lunatic Asylum, Dr ( later Sir ) John Bucknill, and members were essentially drawn from the upper middle classes. The relative exclusive nature of the corps was reflected in the initial outlay of the uniform and weapon, which at Exeter in 1857 was 12 guineas.

To claim an incorporation date of 1852 is worthy of further comment. This particular wave of volunteering was occasioned by the Louis Napoleon coup of December 1851. However, a change of administration resulted in applications from other corps being turned down. Exeter was the exception and on the grounds that it appeared like a an area of exceptional risk of invasion. The corps was accepted by the Home Office on 26th March 1852 - its first officers were commissioned on 4th January 1853 - and it became the premier volunteer unit within the country apart from the Honourable Artillery Company. It was redesignated as 1st Devonshire Rifle Volunteers (Exeter and South Devon) in 1859 and became the 1st Volunteer Battalion The Devonshire Regiment on 1st November 1885. This plate continued in use until 1901.


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1st Warwickshire Rifle Volunteers Victorian Officer’s Pouch Belt Plate circa 1860s

An exceptional and scarce 1st Warwickshire Rifle Volunteers Victorian Officer’s pouch belt plate circa 1860s. A very fine die-stamped gilt example (most probably silver gilt). Within a wreath of oak, a crowned oval strap inscribed “1st Warwickshire Rifle Volunteers”; to the centre, a shield bearing the old arms of Birmingham. Across the base of the oak wreath, a scroll inscribed “Forward”. Four screw posts to reverse. Excellent condition - the gilt is literally quite brilliant. Circa 9.5cm tall by 7.5cm wide. Ex Hugh King Collection. Stunning.

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14th Middlesex ( Inns of Court ) Volunteer Rifle Corps ( VRC ) Gilt Cap Badge, circa 1905 - 1908

Two original lugs to reverse. Note the initials VRC. Often found blackened, but this has always been gilt. Scarce Badge. In very good condition, worn circa 1905-08 only.

It bears the four shields of the Inns within laurel wreath bearing a four part scroll `South Africa 1900 1901` with scroll across the base inscribed `Inns of Court VRC`.

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Cornwall Rifle Volunteers Kepi White Metal Badge

Die struck, white metal strung bugle horn with two original lugs to reverse. Believed to be the pattern worn by the 6th Cornwall Rifle Volunteers ( Launceston ). Circa 5.1cm tall and 5.5cm wide. In very good condition. Scarce.

Military Insignia of Cornwall by Ival and Thomas refer. Item no 254 on page 56.

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Volunteer / Light Infantry Militia Battalion Other Ranks White Metal Collar Badge

Right facing bugle, die struck, white metal with two original brass lugs to the reverse. Circa 2.8cm wide and 2.6cm tall. In very good condition with sharp detail. Worn by a number of militia and volunteer units, but early and scarce.


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6th (Territorial ) Battalion Durham Light Infantry ( DLI ) Blackened Brass Cap Badge, King' s Crown

A king 's crown blackened brass cap badge with original slider to the reverse ( bottom third clipped off), otherwise in very good condition.


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Cambridgeshire Regiment ( Territorial Force ) Bi Metal Cap Badge with South Africa 1900-01 Scroll

A scarce cap badge with the scroll part of main badge (not separately attached) with original slider to the reverse. A small touch of verdigris to front. Two expansion / braising holes to reverse visible on right hand side. The South Africa scroll was worn as a battle honour due to the volunteers of the 3rd Cambs VBs that fought in the Boer War with the Suffolk Regiment.

K&K Vol 1 No 1816 (states this is officer's pattern, but only mentions it being found in silver plate and bronze). however consulting the BMBF and there is confirmation there of this being worn by other ranks from 1909 to 1914. See also the following URL:



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Early Artists 's Rifles / 20th Middlesex RVC Blackened Brass Slouch Hat Badge

Blackened Brass Die Struck version with two original loops to the reverse. As worn on the grey slouch hat with grey full dress up to 1914. (See Gaylor p78). Circa 4cm tall. In very good condition with a good patina (there is a small retaining ring from a chain to the hoop of one lug which can easily be removed, I forgot before photographing). Also worn by the 20th Middlesex Rifle Volunteers pre 1908. Scarce.


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Victorian Warwickshire Regiment Militia / Volunteer Battalion Officer 's Silver Plated Helmet Plate, 1880 - 1902

A star of eight points, the topmost point displaced by a Victorian crown. On this a laurel wreath. Within the wreath a strap inscribed the garter motto Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense. In the centre the regimental device of the Warwickshire Regiment, an antelope with a coronet around its neck and chain attached standing on a torse on a black velvet cloth background. An applied scroll below: "The Royal Warwickshire Regiment". Interesting there is no battalion number, could this be militia?

All in silver plate with all three original loops to the reverse. Circa 12.1cm tall. In good condition with some minor tarnish, mainly to top left star point and middle left star point slightly bent. Generally could do with taking apart and given a gentle clean.


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Durham Light Infantry ( DLI ) Territorial Officer 's Bronze OSD Cap Badge - South Africa Scroll

An excellent officers full size die cast bronzed cap badge with two original blades / tabs to the reverse. Circa 4.6cm tall. Sharp detail.

As worn by Officers of the 5th, 7th, 8th and 9th Territorial Battalions.

K&K Vol 2 No 1748 refers.

Comm FB

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